Mobaliz is a digital marketing agency dedicated to creating and promoting projects that hasten the work of the Lord. Mobaliz is God-centric, Christ-focused, and prophetically-principled. Our projects unite entrepreneurs with millennials to make a difference. We aim for millennials to advocate for Christ by facilitating effective opportunities to share the gospel, serve others, and seek the truth.

A Message from the Founder

Ken Krogue

Ken Krogue


Mobaliz is a social, digital, and virtual marketing agency.


Mobaliz exists to empower everyone to do good. We’re exciting the new generation to get motivated and involved in worthy causes.

Our mission is ‘mobilizing to hasten God’s work. We unite end-times Christian entrepreneurs with particular leverage from the millennial generation and a strong bias towards action.

We are God-centric, Christ-focused, and prophetically-principled, we don’t speak for any church, we just do good and get things done.